"The gospel is only good news if it gets there in time" — Carl F. H. Henry


“…We do not well: this day is a day of good tidings, and we hold our peace.” II Kings 7:9

BECOME EQUIPPED TO INTRODUCE MUSLIMS TO JESUS. Encountering a Muslim is no longer limited to a handful of tourists who happen to visit some Middle Eastern destination. Millions of Muslims now inhabit almost every country. They are now our neighbors, co-workers, and schoolmates. Good News in the Tents of Ishmael is a practical training seminar designed to equip believers to engage Muslims with the message of Jesus. We do not need to be Islamic experts to effectively reach Muslims—Jesus has power. It is the responsibility of believers to share Him with all people, and that includes with Muslims.

There is hope! Muslims are not unreachable. It is just that, for too long, we have feared, and hated, and ignored Muslims. Many excuses are given, but the time of excuse-making is over—it is time for disciple-making! We must commit ourselves to renewed obedience to reach Muslims with the Gospel. It is possible to lovingly and respectfully engage the descendants of the often-neglected son of Abraham with the claims of Christ.

Learn to see Muslims through the eyes of Jesus. Gain valuable insight into the Muslim (Eastern) mind and culture by understanding the Eastern worldview. Become equipped and empowered for more effective, natural Muslim outreach. Be done with living in fear of what to say or how to begin a conversation. Understand some of the points of conflict and how to resolve them. Receive in-depth teaching and practical application by frontline workers currently serving in Muslim contexts.

If you are interested in hosting a seminar or college class, please connect with us and let us know. You are guaranteed to leave challenged, hopeful, and refreshed.



“This was the most practical presentation I have ever heard. I am leaving this meeting with hope that Muslims can be reached.”

– Pastor/college professor –


“How I wish I had heard the things you taught today many years ago when I worked in the Middle East!”

– Engineer –


“Wonderful seminar!  Wish I had attended before going to (undisclosed). I certainly understand better a lot of what I observed while I was there.”

– Medical Doctor –


“God used you to help me see and understand my Muslim neighbor in a completely different way.”

– Mother in Florida –


“You built a framework to help me understand my own people for the first time.”

– Armenian/Lebanese believer –


“What you are saying is so simple!”

– Housewife in Illinois –