“Sympathy is no substitute for action.” — David Livingstone



Help us get the message out…

God promises to provide all that is needed to accomplish His work. The work of God requires the investment of resources that He has already placed in the hands of His children. It is an amazing thing to think that He allows us to use the physical to impact the eternal.

Your one-time gift, or recurring gift will enable the Crescent Advance team to provide material especially designed to educate believers on God's work in the Muslim world; to continue to train believers to engage Muslims with the Gospel; and to help put Gospel boots on the ground in difficult places. Your gift to the Crescent Advance is completely tax-deductible.



Take the road less traveled…

Many Muslims will never meet Jesus Christ until they meet someone like you. Maybe your heart is unsettled – unsettled because you sense the voice of God calling you to follow Him into deeper waters.

If you are seeking to discern God’s direction for service in Muslim lands; or, if you already know that God wants you to serve Him among an unreached or an unengaged Muslim people group, it is our desire to help and facilitate laborers for the harvest in the Islamic world. Prayerfully consider allowing us to assist you as carry the Gospel on this road less traveled. Connect with us today so we can pray with you and walk with you on your journey.